We use our 108,000 cuft warehouse with overflow capacity for customer asset storage, product receiving and pre-assembly of items in advance of their delivery to reduce on-site assembly time.

Asset Management

You have product left over from your relocation or reconfiguration that matches your existing furniture, which you would like to keep for possible future expansion or integration. The office space you lease is limited on space so you cannot store it in your suite. You would like your product protected from damage, have easy access to it in an organized way and have a regularly updated inventory list for reference. You know a rented storage unit would not fulfill these requirements. Is it really worth storing the product with us?

Well, it depends. How much of the product do you have and how much would it cost to replace it? Can it be replaced easily with the same product type, model number and fabric/trim/laminate colors? How long are you planning to store it? Interiors, Inc. will separate the costs and benefits of storing your product in our warehouse. We will do a breakeven analysis so that you will know exactly how long the product can be stored before the storage costs exceed the replacement costs.

We also secure, store and inventory other items for your business…office equipment, files, seating, holiday decorations…just about everything.


Furniture delivered to our warehouse is inspected for freight damage and quantities are counted against the shipment packing list. Any items short-shipped or damaged are noted on the driver’s Bill of Lading. You will be immediately notified of damage or quantity discrepancies that could affect your project’s scheduled completion date. We will send you digital pictures of the freight damage, if requested. Unless it can be pre-assembled, product usually remains in its original packaging for protection during transport to the site. Once unboxed, any concealed freight damage to the product will be immediately reported to you so that the necessary steps for freight damage claims can be made in a timely manner.

Interiors, Inc. requests a minimum 24 hour notice to schedule a delivery appointment.

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