Office real estate is expensive to own or lease. Every square foot demands maximum utilization for workplace efficiency while still being able to maintain a feeling of expansiveness, privacy and comfort for the individuals working within the environment. You don’t want them to feel boxed-in. That is where our space planning and design services come in.

We understand space planning basics such as addressing the number of workstations that must “fit” into a floor plan, but we dig deeper into the space planning phase to find ways of creating maximum worker productivity and comfort. For example, we usually incorporate work station panel height changes that allow openness and natural window light to flow into the space without diminishing the inherent sound-dampening effects of the panels.

We also focus on productive department work flows, component and end-user orientations, integration of furniture color and texture choices that blend with the surrounding architectural elements, aisle break locations and segregation of noise-generating areas from phone-intensive work areas.

In the end, it is what you want from your office space. Our years of space planning and design expertise in the furniture industry can help you overcome potential obstacles and create a work environment best suited to your business and employees.

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